• to initiate, to elaborate and to carry out services, projects and programmes for the development of local communities in all the sectors of economic, social and cultural life.

  • to promote programs and actions for the stimulation of innovation in economic and social life.

  • to establish the links between economic agents, research institutes and centres in the field of innovation and technology, in order to facilitate the technological transfer;

  • to support the projects who aim to facilitate the creation of an European dimension in economic and social fields;

  • to initiate, to develop and to support training programmes and vocational training for qualification, specialising and professional re-conversion;

  • to carry out services, including in tourism field, in zones with a developed touristic potential, for supporting the economic development of the local communities and the creation of new jobs;

  • to create centres for informing the unemployed people, the staff from economic, educational, social sector and other sectors of public life;

  • to organise symposiums, conferences and training courses.